Kona or Bella?.. that is the question

Kona or Bella solids??

Any thoughts??

Kona is cheaper.. any reason?

I'm just spending some time perusing the Fat Quarter Shop website picking my fav jelly rolls. So many awesome prints and designs! Yummy!

Would you believe its cheaper to buy from the US than to buy locally in NZ (even with shipping) .. and you wonder why we all have a high carbon footprint!

We're in the middle of putting up some new curtains, will post some photos when its all done.
THEN I have to clean my sewing room. I have so many projects I want to start/finish!

Have a good weekend!


  1. I've used both Bella and Kona. I'm sure you know... Bella solids are Moda, so if I'm color-matching with a project using Moda Prints, Bella is usually the better match. Kona solids are Robert Kaufman, so they go better with prints that come from Kaufman designers.
    I haven't really noticed a difference in quality, though. I'd be interested if anyone else has.

  2. Thanks Carolina, thats great to know regarding quality, and a good reminder about colour matching! I think its going to come down to the "omg I have to have that one" moment! defn love to hear from any other experiences, I've been quilting since 2004 but still consider myself a newbie esp with fabric and thread choices, and dont want to get swept up in the 'brand' hype. Moda have great quality fabric (and website) and I love it, but I dont want to ignore the others too!

    1. Moda does a really good job of marketing their solids, so does Kaufman... I think Kaufman tends to be a little cheaper, though...
      If you want to see some fun things to do with solids, check out the Modern Quilt Guild Kona Solids Challenge. Modern Quilt Guilds were given a charm pack of Kona solids for each member... and came up with some amazing quilts! Here are the pics from my guild: http://www.alwaysexpectmoore.com/2011/07/modern-quilt-guild-kona-solids.html
      You can google around to find others... there are hundreds! :)

    2. Awesome! checking that out now :) thanks

  3. Hi Mel! Just saw you as a new follower of mine....thanks! And I just love your video you did of the feathers! It's awesome! Great job!

    I don't have any input to the solids question....I don't generally follow brands, I usually look for the right color, and what's available right then. I did buy a bolt of the Kona Black a while ago, and really like the quality.....it holds it's dense color really well. I prewash everything, and it only ran a little in the 1st wash, and then not at all! Of course, I use those Color Catchers in every wash now, just in case. But to compare it to Moda solid.....I don't have a clue. Big help, right? lol

    1. Hi Regan! thanks for coming to visit me too :)

      I think you've summed it up tho, as long as its good quality cotton, and you're careful about colour bleeding, then just go with what you love.

      I need to practice my piecing, half-square triangles etc, so I think a couple of patterned jelly rolls with a cream or white to balance it out should be fun!.. so many possibilities and such a messy sewing room to clean .. sigh .. ;)


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