Lined Bag with Zipper


We've just had a long weekend up here in Auckland its our City's anniversary, and we roll into another long weekend this coming weekend for Waitangi Day, essentially our country's anniversary. 

I was a great weekend, my brother has started as a farmers helper in a farm in South Auckland and he's loving it, which is great to see, we went to visit him at his new place and took some Hells Pizza's with us for lunch.

On Monday I managed to get into my sewing room (yay!) DH had asked "can you make a bag for *this*" , well, of course I could have done something real simple, and he did, he said "it doesn't have to be anything flash" .. he saw that look in my eyes.

pfft.. simple.. noo, we can't have that!

So I put on some CSI episodes and came up with this Space Invaders bag, I'm really happy with how it turned out, it did take a while to make but it definately suits him!  keep scrolling down to find out what it is hiding inside!

Take care


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