Alex Veronelli - Facebook Competition

So, I was going to wait .. the competition doesn't end for almost a month.. but..

I put an entry in to design aurifil's product manager Alex Veronelli's Facebook timeline image.

And I got up this morning.. and shut up! hes using it already!! I was soo excited I had to share it

Go to and check it out in real life, and for those who dont have/dont want facebook  ;)

here was my preview I did while making it!

Now just cross your fingers for me that no better designs start coming out of the woodwork now!


can you see me smiling from there??


  1. Better designs????? Are you kidding???? That one is perfect....OF COURSE he's using it already! Way to go! Woohoo!! Congrats!

    1. Thanks Regan, when I saw it there this morning I was jumping all over the place :)


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