A BIG decision - and three goals

Hi everyone,

This year I have made a fairly big call (for me), for the best part of the last year and a half I've been holding a stall at the Royal Oak Markets in Auckland selling all sorts of fabric 'wares' with my sister in law who was selling her jewellery range over at Lily Dew.

Unfortunately making the smaller items (toys, pot holders, bowl holders, cellphone holders etc etc) actually take a long time to make. So I took a deep breath and decided to not have a stall again ..... for a while.

The next time (if) I have a stall, I will be selling quilts.. now this may take 6-9months, but I'm thinking more like a year, to get some 'stock' up. Another alternative is to officially look at starting an etsy store or something similar to sell them as I make them.

But that's the end goal anyway..

I have found that slowly but surely I'm not 'quilting' so much anymore, I'm 'crafting', which is great for myself, my family and my friends, but I got into *this* because of quilting, and I have so much more I want to learn and do

Also, I have so much fabric it really isn't something to laugh at! OK so we can have a giggle, but my goal is to only buy things from spotlight for finishing my quilts, I shouldn't need anything other than batting, and perhaps backing fabric.  I need to make a concerted effort to use up the fabric I have.

And the UFO's ... oh the UFO's ... Watch this space!!

So to sum up,

Goal 1 - Make more quilts, smaller 'items' only as-an-when required

Goal 2 - Don't buy any more fabric for quilt tops, unless white or cream etc for spacing the patterned fabrics.

Goal 3 - Finish or get rid of my unfinished projects

Join me this year while I rekindle that quilting spark!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Melissa - You have a gift for art and painting which is in line with designing and making the larger quilts - the one that you designed and made for me 'armargh' is testament to that. I look forward to seeing what your next project brings.

    1. I love (mostly) every minute of making it :) hehe, I'm definitely looking forward to focusing my energy a bit more that's for sure

  2. Good luck with your goals.....it's SO hard not to buy more fabric.....and everywhere you look in blogland, someone is showing a new line that is so yummy, it's hard to resist! I've told hubby about every other year, "Nope, I have enough fabric now, I'm not buying any more!" Yeah....that didn't last long! Of course, if it's on a huge sale, does that really count? lol

    Good luck! :o)

    1. Thanks Regan, lets hope this resolution lasts!

  3. Great goals! Have you thought about making baby quilts, table runners and small wall hangings to sell? I did shows for over 7 years and did very well with that type of quilting and was able to have my prices high enough to make money. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks Connie, thats great advice, I'm looking forward to treating this like a little bit more than "just a hobby" I like the idea of things that are still very quilt-like!


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