Lovin my post-person right now

Check out what arrived in the post today!! (cue more squeaks and squeals)

So my first job in the new endeavor is to sort out how to best use the templates and read all the instructions!!

If you have this book let me know!
Wish me luck!


  1. Yes isn't this a fabulous book. I found reading the letters surprisingly fascinating and can't wait to start my first blocks. I read on flickr that the best way to use the templates is to save them onto the computer first then print them out. Have you decided on your fabric choices yet?

    1. Hi Catherine :) I'm just getting into reading it at the moment, there are some lovely stories in there. The Flickr group for it has some great resources, they have re-collated the templates all onto the same page for each particular block, but I havent even considered my fabric yet .. hehe, I cant wait to get to that stage tho!


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