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Place a piece of paper to paper piece a patch

Try saying that 10 times fast! I bet you cant!  haha.. I think I just created my first tongue twister!

Today, Paper Plus (stationery store) had a sale so, as I love wandering around stationery shops I couldn't just walk past this one now could I!?

I had been reading about paper piecing.. I've never done it before, but I've read that newsprint, being a bit finer but still "papery" is a good medium.. I went in looking for either rolls of it, or even some of the big kids scrapbooks.. and then I found this!

 It is 100 "leaves" 8 inches wide, so perfect for 6" blocks (I think!) and its newsprint .. yay!

its too late at night to take photos  of the stack (hence the google pic) but I have but I bought 5 pads! so thats a lot of blocks!
At first I'm thinking something like a wonky strip block or something, just to get me going. And to bust a bit of my crazy ever growing fabric stash.

Do you paper piece?  Do you like it?  Any tips?  Can I use starch stil…

I have a secret...

Easter weekend is coming up, and I thought I'd use it to start counting down.. to something exciting..

But it will stay a surprise.. for now! (I'm aiming for my Saturday, so for those of you on the other side of the planet that might make it your Friday.. I think!)

Until then...

I thought I'd show you the first quilt I ever made.. I may have done it before, but I'm going through some old photos and thought I'd share them with you.

Can you believe on my first applique ever I started with the stems!! of all things!
I saw this pattern in a magazine, and thought "I'm pretty sure I can give that a go" I loved the colours and pattern and jumped right in the deep end!
With dutch family on my dads side it did help a little that there were tulips :)  hehe

I had flower petals in stacks all over the house for weeks!
Ta Da! I did rebind it a couple of years later.. my first attempt was a right mess!

Have a great day Melissa

Just Breathe!

What is this? something from Mr FedEX? From Italy...
Ok then.. why not?
 OOoooh! wait for it.. wait for it..
 POW! There it is!
Double POW! in fact, exactly 216 POW's in a row!
Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful Isn't she precious, less than one minute old!
So many colours, cant even fit on my trestle table!! OMG

A big shout out and thank you must go out to Alex at Aurifil

Awesome news! Thanks Alex & Aurifil

Hi everyone,

It has been a great weekend so far, a quilt/craft show, new gadgets to try out, a quilt top almost done...

And... I won the Facebook Cover design competition from Aurifil!!

Its really cool to see the design up there and to know its going to be there for a good couple of months.. wow!

Take care


2012 Auckland Craft and Quilt Show - Day 1

Hi everyone  .. me again

I thought I'd share some of the highlights of my visit to the Craft and Quilt show I visited today, I'll be back to visit again tomorrow as I wasnt early enough to catch the seminars I wanted to listen to.

Check out the awesome work at the exhibition, I think they were around 40-50cm by about a meter long, it was hard to tell, but they were all fantastic, these are the few that spoke to me, esp this one showing an Austrialian Dreamtime imagery, made me think of my family out in Perth.. Hi Aunty Jacqui, Uncle Des, Sarah, Matt and Michaela!

Sizzix it is!

Hi everyone,

Well patience isn't my strong suit, I went off to the Craft and Quilt show this afternoon (I'll be going back tomorrow for some seminars)

I walked in expecting to see the go baby in action, as there had been advertisements.. well I saw them and cricut crickets (scrapbooking) but THEN Scottie Crafts actually HAD a Sizzix Big Shot! and had it on special for NZ$150 AND it came with the large extended 12 inch cutting pads for free. They will order in any quilting/patchwork dies if I need them (which I will) but  I've also heard that Cricut and Go Baby's dies will fit in this machine also.  YAY

Check out my pics of the new addition below, I've tested it out .. well I used some kitchen paper towels (the nearest thing I had at the time to cut! (told you I wasn't big on patience hehe)

I also purchased three dies to get me going, a set of flowers, a pack of butterflies, and a frame shape which doubles as the magnet holder for the butterflies.

I'll keep …

Sizzix or Accuquilt?

Hi everyone,

I'm wanting to get a die cutter, and I've been googling around the place.

I've come across the Accuquilt Go Baby and the Sizzix Big Shot

From what I've read I'm swinging towards the Sizzix Big Shot tho down in NZ they are harder to come by.

If you've got any opinion on them from a patchwork perspective then let me know!

Holding my breath

Hi Everyone,

There is one more day until the Aurifil timeline competition closes ! They do the big reveal on the 16th

I ended up entering two, I was considering another because there were so many great entries, but I've just run out of time this week eeep

So cross your fingers and toes for me and send all your positive vibes to Alex at Aurifil for me.
Its been nice to send my designs out into the big wide world tho, and receive some great feedback.

Thank you Alex for the opportunity

Take care :)

Creme egg chocolate things

Hi everyone,
This post is not about quilts but it is still yummy!
A couple of days ago I got the ingredients together to try out this recipe: Imitation Cadbury Creme Eggs! These are a NZ favourite.
Check out this old NZ advertisement.. ah the memories

The real ones look like this:

The Tutorial ones look like this:

Mine looked like this!!

I got these silicon moulds from Davids Emporium in Manukau for a few dollars a pack. Fantastic. It was especially good having them individual, (which at first I thought would be a hindrance) But each little cup meant I could put the melted chocolate in and squeeze the mould together to push the chocolate around without the need for a brush or for adding more fat to make it runny. This meant the chocolate was able to solidify back really quick (I did pre-freeze a baking tray for them tho to help this along)
Really easy, but a little time consuming..  But I'll definately make them again!

Take care!

Google Friend Connect vs Google + and Google Reader.. the low down

Hi everyone,

BEWARE, this post is very wordy and quite long!!
Make a cuppa tea, or maybe just skim read it and see if it affects you
Bwahaha.. *cue lightning* "you have been warned"

There is a RUMOUR going around that Google Friend Connect (GFC) is being removed (as at the 1 March 2012)

There is SOME truth to this. I'd like to explain
(Disclaimer: This is what I understand. Where appropriate I will site my sources)

Since Google Friend Connect was created back around 2008 it has grown to encorporate many services so external sites can use it through code. It is these services that will be discontinued as at 1 March 2012.

GFC will STILL work for Blogger Blogs  <- remember, this link is addressed to those NOT using Google Blogger

The thing that caused the panic, was that

My second 15 seconds of fame

Hi everyone :)

I made a second timeline cover for Alex Veronelli's competition (I saw someone else had entered two, so I thought.. why not!)

It is up there TODAY so check me out!!

(click on the picture below- to open facebook)
Thanks Alex!! Love you love your work!!
Take care

Half Square Triangle .. Squares

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the break in posting of late, I've been off work enjoying a bit of down time, but have in the process kept very busy!! I thought I'd share my latest project. I finally got off my butt and attempted some half square triangle blocks!

It was a bit scary but I did them in bulk so now I have enough to do a couple of small lap sized quilts.

The first is a sampler, I bit of everything just to have a play..

the second will be a chevron quilt. (zig zag) .. I think.. I saw one on the internet and loved it and really wanted to give it a go.

So this is really just a confidence booster before moving onto bigger and better things!

I used aurifil 50wt for my piecing and woo hoo look at how flat those seams are

My secret tip of the day ..  Spray starch!  use it.. and use it often!

I also took a deep breath and used an aerosol starch I bought at the supermarket ages ago.. and it works great! It keeps the fabric nice and crisp, especially with all the cutting and matchi…