Creme egg chocolate things

Hi everyone,

This post is not about quilts but it is still yummy!

A couple of days ago I got the ingredients together to try out this recipe:
Imitation Cadbury Creme Eggs! These are a NZ favourite.

Check out this old NZ advertisement.. ah the memories

The real ones look like this:

The Tutorial ones look like this:

Mine looked like this!!

I got these silicon moulds from Davids Emporium in Manukau for a few dollars a pack. Fantastic.
It was especially good having them individual, (which at first I thought would be a hindrance)
But each little cup meant I could put the melted chocolate in and squeeze the mould together to push the chocolate around without the need for a brush or for adding more fat to make it runny. This meant the chocolate was able to solidify back really quick (I did pre-freeze a baking tray for them tho to help this along)

Really easy, but a little time consuming.. 
But I'll definately make them again!

Take care!