Half Square Triangle .. Squares

 Hi everyone,

Sorry for the break in posting of late, I've been off work enjoying a bit of down time, but have in the process kept very busy!! I thought I'd share my latest project. I finally got off my butt and attempted some half square triangle blocks!

It was a bit scary but I did them in bulk so now I have enough to do a couple of small lap sized quilts.

The first is a sampler, I bit of everything just to have a play..

the second will be a chevron quilt. (zig zag) .. I think.. I saw one on the internet and loved it and really wanted to give it a go.

So this is really just a confidence booster before moving onto bigger and better things!

I used aurifil 50wt for my piecing and woo hoo look at how flat those seams are

My secret tip of the day ..  Spray starch!  use it.. and use it often!

I also took a deep breath and used an aerosol starch I bought at the supermarket ages ago.. and it works great! It keeps the fabric nice and crisp, especially with all the cutting and matching up.

Would you believe I didnt use one pin? what are your thoughts.. do you pin? always? sometimes?
I'm a sometimes gal.. if necessary.. sure I'll pin.. but if the two bits of fabric line up nicely and the fabric surface holds the tension for you, then I'm too impatient to put a pin in only to pull it out two seconds later!

Here is a sneaky peek at my progress, still a lot of work to do, I think it will need a second border just to bulk it out a little, otherwise I'm really happy with how its looking.. I'm finally making good use of my vintage fabrics!!!

Take care


  1. Your piecing is perfect! I've not used starch before, but I think I'll try some now! And yeah, I'm a sometimes-pinner.....usually when I'm matching points, otherwise.....just sew it up! lol

  2. Your piecing is wonderful....the quilt looks so very fresh Mel. Love it. I only pin if I have to....


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