I have a secret...

Easter weekend is coming up, and I thought I'd use it to start counting down.. to something exciting..

But it will stay a surprise.. for now! (I'm aiming for my Saturday, so for those of you on the other side of the planet that might make it your Friday.. I think!)

Until then...

I thought I'd show you the first quilt I ever made.. I may have done it before, but I'm going through some old photos and thought I'd share them with you.

Can you believe on my first applique ever I started with the stems!! of all things!

I saw this pattern in a magazine, and thought "I'm pretty sure I can give that a go" I loved the colours and pattern and jumped right in the deep end!

With dutch family on my dads side it did help a little that there were tulips :)  hehe

I had flower petals in stacks all over the house for weeks!

Ta Da! I did rebind it a couple of years later.. my first attempt was a right mess!

Have a great day