Place a piece of paper to paper piece a patch

Try saying that 10 times fast! I bet you cant!  haha.. I think I just created my first tongue twister!

Today, Paper Plus (stationery store) had a sale so, as I love wandering around stationery shops I couldn't just walk past this one now could I!?

I had been reading about paper piecing.. I've never done it before, but I've read that newsprint, being a bit finer but still "papery" is a good medium.. I went in looking for either rolls of it, or even some of the big kids scrapbooks.. and then I found this!

 It is 100 "leaves" 8 inches wide, so perfect for 6" blocks (I think!) and its newsprint .. yay!

its too late at night to take photos  of the stack (hence the google pic) but I have but I bought 5 pads! so thats a lot of blocks!

At first I'm thinking something like a wonky strip block or something, just to get me going. And to bust a bit of my crazy ever growing fabric stash.

Do you paper piece?  Do you like it?  Any tips?  Can I use starch still even with the paper there?

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  1. Hi Mel....I did it once...found it a bit awkward. I had to think about using the wrong side of the but it worked out well in the end.

    Thanks for you comment on the FMQ appreciate it.

  2. I like 100gm or 120gm printer paper myself. Think newsprint would be too floppy some how. Good luck... look forward to seeing the results!


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