Sizzix or Accuquilt?

Hi everyone,

I'm wanting to get a die cutter, and I've been googling around the place.

I've come across the Accuquilt Go Baby and the Sizzix Big Shot

From what I've read I'm swinging towards the Sizzix Big Shot tho down in NZ they are harder to come by.

If you've got any opinion on them from a patchwork perspective then let me know!


  1. I have both and they both serve different ways for me. The Accuquilt is great for the bigger the 5" circles or birds or other applique pieces. I don't use it to cut half squares or any of that...I can do that with my rotary cutter. The sizzix I like for my smaller applique..they have a bigger variety of designs that Accuquilt and are more affordable in my opinion. Hope that helps!

  2. Good luck Mel..I have the Go!Baby and love it. But nothing to compare it to...sorry. Like Keira; I use the rotary cutter for straight cuts...I like the Go! for more tedious things..I've used the circles and the round flower die a lot.

  3. Thanks ladies :) The sizzix was on special at a craft/sewing show today and I found a NZ shop that has a great range of dies , its always exciting to bring home a new toy!


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