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Happy Birthday Oma and Hello to Quiltville vistors

Hi everyone, 
Today is my shout out to my Oma (grandmother) today is her birthday! I made her a table mat, she has a round dining table in her flat so I thought I'd round off this large center mat too.  This is blue and burgundy has got to be one of my all time favorite colour combos.
We just got back from a lovely dinner at Volare in Manurewa here in Auckland, it is an Italian restaurant, fantastic food and great atmosphere! Had a great time.

And yes this post does have a second reason, Hi and Hellooo to all the visitors I've had over the past couple of days from the Quiltville Yahoo group! I can hand on heart say that I've never had so many visitors at once!  They have been checking out the binding tutorial I made last year while finishing up mums quilt Armagh ( have a look under "Projects"
The other day I had a play with the buttons on my new websites homepage. I finally figured out how to make them cool and change to the black and white image when the mouse …

Insight into what it is we do..

Hi everyone,
I hope you're having a good weekend! I've spent the morning with a cuppa tea and scooting around Karen McTavish's website
on there she links to this news clip from CBS, her mums quilt is there somewhere, I'm still trying to spot it! But this is quite a good video showing others things about us they dont normally "get"

Take care! Mel

Guess where I've been today

Hi everyone,
This morning I trundled off to lovely quilt show put on by the "Howick Quilting Friends"
Tucked away down Selwyn Road at the Howick Bowling Club rooms, though it was definitely no secret. Lots of eager quilters and with their up n coming quilter grand daughters in step were there, but even though it was snug, there was plenty to see. Somehow they managed to fit in all the quilts in an efficient wee maze but also had room for some tables n chairs for the goodies they sold for morning tea, several merchants tables (where I got a curvy ruler - for another post) and a demo table with a couple of ladies available for a chat. Not to mention several raffles, a viewers choice vote and great quiters heritage display with old iron irons and various vintage bits and pieces. 
And also to let you know :  if you are in the area it is open again tomorrow from 9.30am til 2pm and the entry fee is $5.
Take a look at my "pick of the bunch" below. Click on the images to …

Just had to share

Hi everyone,
I just had to share this!
Click on it to make it bigger
Hope you're having a great Wednesday!
Take Care Melissa

Website update featuring Nicko

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post tonight,

You may have noticed on my website some of the images not coming up, it wasn't until I visited my website from somewhere other than home that I noticed it.

The good news is, I think I've figured it out, and all the button images should now be showing as I had initially intended!

Check out the link at the top of this page to go and have a look at my website! It is still in its very early stages and I'm always making improvements to it.

I will always keep you up to date on any changes or extras I add to on here..

Now usually in lieu of not having any images I throw you all a pic of Timothy B Schmit your way

But today... to give my loving, patient, awesome husband a shout out on his birthday I've got you a pic of Nicko McBrain, Iron Maidens drummer (and my fav Iron Maiden band member!)

When you talk about job satisfaction, this guy has it in spades! Definitely something to aspire to!

Take care!
Rock on!


Paper piecing results - hearts

Hi everyone,

Here are the results of my first attempt at paper piecing, the good and the bad!

I'm not sure if I'm instantly in love with paper piecing, I think its something I have to practice but that is a good thing, sometimes you need a reminder that these things require a bit of hard work, its definitely not all plain sailing!

The design below was made by taking a ruler drawing a 6 1/2 " by 6 1/2" square on newsprint paper and then ruling lines to make the heart shape. They are all a wee bit different, but that's the look I'm going for, angular, familiar but a bit all over the place too!

What not to do              vs          What its should look like
The "pretty" side of both
I loved the Crafty Gemini's tutorials, and how instead of "right" sides together when talking about how to describe which way up to put your fabrics together, she used the term "pretty" sides together!

Much more meaningful to me on a day to day ba…

Auckland Botanical Gardens

I thought I'd share some lovely photos I got today when we visited the Auckland Botanical Gardens. It was lovely, and closer to home than I'd realised.. we definitely need to go more often, it was a great walk, it helped that it was a nice day, we didn't see everything, there were other paths and short walks we didn't go down, but it was I really nice change to get out. They have a cafe, we had brunch there, very nice!


All the seats were sponsored with the name of a late loved one on them, quite lovely

A pansy patch for Nan

Had to get my geography fix!

Ma and Pa... aaw

Looks like autumn!

This one is my fav

Paper piecing tutorial - The Crafty Gemini

Check out this Paper Piecing Tutorial I found by The Crafty Gemini
She is Crazy Talented and her tutorials are so easy to follow..
I did a couple of paper pieced blocks before admitting I had no idea what I was doing... went on the google machine and BAM found her and her tutorial awesomeness
So good that I've added her this tute as a permanent fixture to my Tips and Tutorials page. Remember to go visit her site too, the links are on on there too.
Click on the image:

I will be giving this link a good overhaul at some stage to make it a good "go to" page for any part of the quilting process you want to know about.
I will keep you posted here on any new stuff I throw up on the website so stay tuned!
oh and I will show you my paper pieced blocks, once I've done some following this new tutorial from The Crafty Gemini.
Then I'll be able to show you the before and after!
Take care

A good way to end the day

Don't you love it when even after a busy/stressful day at work, you walk in the door to find a crafty surprise waiting for you at home!
Today I got two!
The latest edition of New Zealand Quilter came, and my order of Sling Rings also turned up today!!

What are Sling Rings?? well they are rings.. for baby slings.. but in my case I'm thinking hand bags etc.. quilted ones :)
They are rings designed to take the weight of your little ones if you make your own baby wearing contraption
Check them out here

Take care

Easter Weekend wrap up

Hi Everyone!

I've had a great (and super sunny) Easter weekend, I now have 2 hours left until it is officially Tuesday... so as this long weekend draws to a close I thought I'd give you a wee recap!

Well as you know on Friday I jumped the gun a little and launched my new website which is exciting.. my next plan is to improve the tutorials section to include my "best of"s in terms of the basics of quilting.. so some tips and insights I have and links and great tutorials I've found for piecing, applique, basting, quilting and binding (and then maybe some others but that's a good list to begin with!!)

On Saturday I tempted fate and actually went out to the shops.. on Easter weekend.. I don't know how it is where you are from, but here it brings out the craaazy in the best of our lovely citizens!

NEW Website -

OK so I couldn't wait until tomorrow!
My not-so-secret secret is...
I have a brand new WEBSITE !!!!
Click on the pic here:

Or on the link at the top of the blog ^ to check it out!!! WOO HOO!!
You can see: my projects my sewing studio free patterns videos info about me links to other great sites and blogs and then some!!
There is room to add a lot more to it... reviews, more projects, more links! So many cool things!
Please tell everyone you know! Shout if from the roof tops! Post it on your blogs, send them over!
Let me know what you think!! I would LOVE to hear from you

And dont worry!! My blog is not going anywhere!
The website will be a more centralised place for you see what I've done in the past and an easier way to access all the great stuff I have found and learned.
You can get to my blog from the website it is all linked together!
Come visit my site, don't forget to bookmark it!!
Thanks for everyone's support and kind words over the years It really does make a difference a…

Featured in Aurifil Newsweek

Hi everyone,

I'm featured in the new edition of Aurifil Newsweek. It really just links back to here but its still quite a buzz to get some exposure on the Aurifil newsletter and twitter  :)

I'm counting down still to Saturday, I'm pretty much on track for the big reveal.. just hope I can wait that long!

Until then I'll leave you with this! It will definately help me over the next little while!

Take care and enjoy the rest of your week