Easter Weekend wrap up

Hi Everyone!

I've had a great (and super sunny) Easter weekend, I now have 2 hours left until it is officially Tuesday... so as this long weekend draws to a close I thought I'd give you a wee recap!

Well as you know on Friday I jumped the gun a little and launched my new website which is exciting.. my next plan is to improve the tutorials section to include my "best of"s in terms of the basics of quilting.. so some tips and insights I have and links and great tutorials I've found for piecing, applique, basting, quilting and binding (and then maybe some others but that's a good list to begin with!!)

On Saturday I tempted fate and actually went out to the shops.. on Easter weekend.. I don't know how it is where you are from, but here it brings out the craaazy in the best of our lovely citizens!
But I had a mission, to pick up some Heat n Bond Ultra from Spotlight in Sylvia Park... to get in and get out!  ... you would think it was that simple  :)  but no, the carparking was surprisingly easy.  Now this is only my second visit to the spotlight store in Sylvia Park and both times I've been quite disappointed in their layout and their stock. They have a big sign saying "Quilting" but the 100% cottons are crammed behind the cutting desks where people line up, so you cant just browse/absorb the fabric vibes in peace, and the batting selection is seriously lacking, the interfacing/iron on products are an afterthought and don't really have an obvious home. If feels like a bit of a cookie cutter-ed Kmart. So I found one roll of the no-sew Heat n Bond under a pile of dress interfacing on the bottom shelf two stalls over from the rest of the vliesofix and heat applique products, that was lucky spotlight! (my local manukau store had sold out)  but I walked out with a June Taylor slotted ruler for half price (yay) and a chalk wheel that doesn't work (boo)

Saturday was also busy with getting ready for Sunday... Sunday was filled with crafty goodness, every so often I have a day of crafting shenanigans with my SIL while DH  (oh jeeze I've started using THOSE acronyms!) play computer games with his mates in the garage.  This time I also had a visit from a friend from school who had just made her first quilt top, so I helped her pin baste that up and then did the same for my HST sampler quilt top! I think I'm developing a nice wee teaspoon callus! After my friend went home my SIL and I finished off the day huddled up on our lazy boy sofa underneath my quilt watching the movie "The Help" with a bowl of kettle corn popcorn and a cuppa tea!

Today was a bit rough, after staying up late, this morning felt like I'd been out parting for days! oh dear, having a bit of a nana moment! Eventually got the house back in order and reassembled all the tables and sewing machines back into my sewing room. Then this afternoon I but together a huge oven pan of hassleback potatoes as requested for an Easter dinner at my folks. For once we had all my siblings there, that is no mean fete to get us all in one place! My youngest sister had come back up from University over their mid term break she stopped off at our Aunt and Uncles place in Christchurch for a night before heading back up to the big smoke. This is my Aunt who is now the proud owner of Gaia.. Today when I went to my folks for dinner I had this delivered, my Aunty had found this book and sent it up with my sister..!! I'm quite excited, as I had seen it and thought it would be a good read.. THANK YOU!

We were joking that with the advent of e-books that this sort of book is now considered a "manual" book, you actually have to turn the pages  :)

So now we are home again and I am trying to psych myself up for my second 4 day week in a row.. Its tough I know, but there are still not enough minutes in the day! I hope you've had a great Easter/Long weekend where you are!

I'm off to check a few blogs, finish my cuppa tea and get an early-ish night

Take care!