Guess where I've been today

Hi everyone,

This morning I trundled off to lovely quilt show put on by the "Howick Quilting Friends"

Tucked away down Selwyn Road at the Howick Bowling Club rooms, though it was definitely no secret.
Lots of eager quilters and with their up n coming quilter grand daughters in step were there, but even though it was snug, there was plenty to see. Somehow they managed to fit in all the quilts in an efficient wee maze but also had room for some tables n chairs for the goodies they sold for morning tea, several merchants tables (where I got a curvy ruler - for another post) and a demo table with a couple of ladies available for a chat. Not to mention several raffles, a viewers choice vote and great quiters heritage display with old iron irons and various vintage bits and pieces. 

And also to let you know :  if you are in the area it is open again tomorrow from 9.30am til 2pm and the entry fee is $5.

Take a look at my "pick of the bunch" below. Click on the images to see a larger version.

This one got my viewers choice! Loved the bargello but the quilting is what really got me, perfecto!

My second little post for the day is not really quilting related, but read on anyway if you like!

Then just as I was driving home, I remembered that Stockade hill was nearby, so I doubled back made my way up to the top!

Now besides it nearly being ANZAC day in NZ were we remember the Australians and NZers who served their countries, there was also another very good reason for not leaving Howick until venturing up the well known mini landmark.

There was a fairly recent addition to Stockade Hill by the Rotary Club. They installed a "You Are Here" stone an engraved and moulded map with the directions of some local and global locations.  Anyway.. why you ask is this so important.. Well.. as some of you know, my day job consists of making maps by managing geographic data.. (dont worry I wont get into that much!) and my colleague was charged with making the template that the metalworkers would use to make this very installation! how cool is that!

The thing was, the last we saw of the design was a black and white version of the design whisked off to the company that made it, we never actually saw it in real life... until now!  Check it out! My steps of association to this mini monument is but ONE!  whoop!

Have fun
Take care