Happy Birthday Oma and Hello to Quiltville vistors

Hi everyone, 

Today is my shout out to my Oma (grandmother) today is her birthday! I made her a table mat, she has a round dining table in her flat so I thought I'd round off this large center mat too.  This is blue and burgundy has got to be one of my all time favorite colour combos.

We just got back from a lovely dinner at Volare in Manurewa here in Auckland, it is an Italian restaurant, fantastic food and great atmosphere! Had a great time.

And yes this post does have a second reason, Hi and Hellooo to all the visitors I've had over the past couple of days from the Quiltville Yahoo group! I can hand on heart say that I've never had so many visitors at once!  They have been checking out the binding tutorial I made last year while finishing up mums quilt Armagh ( have a look under "Projects"

The other day I had a play with the buttons on my new websites homepage. I finally figured out how to make them cool and change to the black and white image when the mouse hovers over the button. It was pretty intense and a few coarse words were uttered, but its looking pretty cool, Go check it out at the link at the top of my blog (there is a link to get back here don't worry!)

Check out the piccies of the table mat below:

Love love love this colour combo

 This is a really special fabric, it has gold paint all over it, and looks so wonderful in real life.

A wee arty shot to finish off, not sure if I aced it but not bad!

 Have a lovely weekend everyone

Take care