NEW Website -

OK so I couldn't wait until tomorrow!

My not-so-secret secret is...

I have a brand new WEBSITE !!!!

Click on the pic here:

Or on the link at the top of the blog ^ to check it out!!! WOO HOO!!

You can see:
my projects
my sewing studio
free patterns
info about me
links to other great sites and blogs
and then some!!

There is room to add a lot more to it... reviews, more projects, more links! So many cool things!

Please tell everyone you know! Shout if from the roof tops! Post it on your blogs, send them over!

Let me know what you think!! I would LOVE to hear from you

And dont worry!!
My blog is not going anywhere!

The website will be a more centralised place for you see what I've done in the past and an easier way to access all the great stuff I have found and learned.

You can get to my blog from the website it is all linked together!

Come visit my site, don't forget to bookmark it!!

Thanks for everyone's support and kind words over the years
It really does make a difference and make me want to carry on with this great hobby!

See you over there!!