Paper piecing results - hearts

 Hi everyone,

Here are the results of my first attempt at paper piecing, the good and the bad!

I'm not sure if I'm instantly in love with paper piecing, I think its something I have to practice but that is a good thing, sometimes you need a reminder that these things require a bit of hard work, its definitely not all plain sailing!

The design below was made by taking a ruler drawing a 6 1/2 " by 6 1/2" square on newsprint paper and then ruling lines to make the heart shape. They are all a wee bit different, but that's the look I'm going for, angular, familiar but a bit all over the place too!

What not to do              vs          What its should look like

The "pretty" side of both

I loved the Crafty Gemini's tutorials, and how instead of "right" sides together when talking about how to describe which way up to put your fabrics together, she used the term "pretty" sides together!

Much more meaningful to me on a day to day basis! Love it!

And also, as a review of using the newsprint pads I got el cheapo at the stationery store, I have no complaints at all, they did a great job, they are light weight so if you're relying on the paper to stabilise the block then its maybe not good for you, but I thought it was great how it was see through even though (on my first patterns) I'd only used pencil.

I'll be making 12 of these blocks all together, just to start me off. Then I'll work myself up to something a bit trickier!

Have a great week ahead
I'm just off to pick up some dinner and then psych myself up for the working week ahead!

Take care


  1. I think you did great! I always have to do a practice block when doing paper piecing. That way I figure out what not to do.

    1. Thanks Kiera! sometimes you've just gotta dive right in and give it a go! its been sitting there staring at me for a couple of weeks ;)

  2. My apologies Mel... I thought you meant ENGLISH Paper piecing...I didnt realise you meant FOUNDATION Paper Piecing. 2 different techniques..... your choice of newsprint pad would have been perfect. And FPP is a bugger! I often get those seams muddled... so you did really well. Looks Lovely!

    1. thanks Salley,, haha.. i didn't even know there were different sorts of PP :) now I've got to go look up the other one.. hehe.. oh no.. more time in the sewing room, bugger (not!) ;)


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