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Ribbons of Hope

Today was the goal date for finishing my quilt for child cancer, and today I completed the last of the hand sewing needed to secure the sleeve for hanging it up.. so other than a little brush down to get rid of the fluffy stuff ... I think I'm done!
I will give you fair warning, the following is a little long, on a fairly serious topic, so make a cup of tea or coffee, or just skim down to the pictures  :)
This is "Ribbons of Hope"

The making of this quilt was a journey lasting (virtually) my whole life, though only scratching the surface of what cancer means to me and mine, I hope it symbolises some of the things "we" forget about when it comes to cancer. For me, its the faces of the kids who sat next to me in our hospital beds who didn't make it, the days I didn't understand why I needed a humongous jab in my butt because I had next to no immunity, the helplessness my family must have felt when they had to place their faith in doctors they'd only …

Cancer quilt progress

Hi All!
Just a quick update about what I've been up to today!
Last weekend I secured the pin basted quilt with my foundation lines, so this weekend I was ready and rearing to go with my "plan"... the "plan" was to quilt some words into the border.. in glow it the dark thread... Shut  Up.. I know!! Cool Huh!
So the following piccies show how I executed the plan.. and just so you know, I had done some quilting tests, as it is good to do, on some test scrap quilt.. 
I knew from my test that I'd like to go around the words twice, just to give the glow in the dark thread some oomph when its trying to glow.. take a look, I've added comments where I can!

UPDATE: the thread never really glowed, a bit dissappointed, but going around twice a definate YES, it makes them stand out nicely!
I started off measuring the space I had in the border, I allowed for the binding and then designed my words on cartridge paper (sketching paper, i…

New comments box on website

Hi everyone,
I've just managed to add a comments/guestbook to my website! I'm quite stoked with the results, it's not flash, but at least now my awesome visitors to the website can leave me a quick general note without having to comment on a specific blog post, or they can just say "I was here"   :)
Check it out on my "About Me" page!

Child Cancer Foundation Fundraiser

The progress of my cancer quilt is up on my website
Current name choices...
Ribbons of hope One in a million Never feel alone
what do you think?
and remember if you haven't already, check out my fundraising page, sponsor me to finish the quilt
and yes Aaron, I will be add a mo for movember! just wait n see
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