Cancer quilt progress

 Hi All!

Just a quick update about what I've been up to today!

Last weekend I secured the pin basted quilt with my foundation lines, so this weekend I was ready and rearing to go with my "plan"... the "plan" was to quilt some words into the border.. in glow it the dark thread... Shut  Up.. I know!! Cool Huh!

So the following piccies show how I executed the plan.. and just so you know, I had done some quilting tests, as it is good to do, on some test scrap quilt.. 

I knew from my test that I'd like to go around the words twice, just to give the glow in the dark thread some oomph when its trying to glow.. take a look, I've added comments where I can!

UPDATE: the thread never really glowed, a bit dissappointed, but going around twice a definate YES, it makes them stand out nicely!


I started off measuring the space I had in the border, I allowed for the binding and then designed my words on cartridge paper (sketching paper, its a little stiffer than printer paper) I then cut them out all in one piece and pinned them on.  I actually just pinned them down to my ironing table to stop it move about. (ie I didn't bend the pins back up through the paper.. I just stuck them in on an angle)

Then I used the Sewline mechanical pencil - the ones with the ceramic leads to trace around the paper

Then I filled in the missing lines by hand, rulers or the papers edge can help to keep some of the lines straight.

The next step is a little tricky to show, but it was just free motion quilting around the lines twice. It was a little hard to know which way to go where the letters left gaps.

Here is an example of the direction I went in.. the second "E" in NEVER was one of the examples with an internal gap, but you can get around it.. the lighter arrows show the direction, not actually where I stitched!
Click on the image to enlarge it!

The bottom of the quilt

Here is another example of one of the words.. this word is a little bigger than the rest, it has the top line all to itself :)

Trying to show some of the layout!

Take care, more to come soon when I do the sleeve and binding!

Take care


  1. The black background looks great. Are those cute things your pin heads? Looks like you are getting closer to your $300 goal...well done.

  2. Thanks! I'm really happy how it turned out, I had a to take a deep breath and just do it! I got the pins from Spotlight, they are flat head pins and great for quilting as they lie flat, and they are super cute!

  3. This is fantastic, I love the quilting of the words, too bad the glow in the dark effect wasn't what you hoped.

    1. Thanks Missy! I always hoped that it did eventually charge up enough to glow for the people I gave it to!, but I'm not sure it ever did, love the idea of it tho. I use this technique around the words quite a bit, it is so effective.. very legible.


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