Better late than never

Better late than never, otherwise known as "Dear Mr UPS, thank you, I think."

I had an order for some goodies, and they were due to arrive some time today, but being at work, was all prepared to do the dance with the courier around re-delivery or pick up options etc.

I got home and still nothing.. no worries, the website says residences packages can be delivered up to 7pm (or later) weird, but okay.. 

So "the otherhalf" and I were just sitting down to play Dota2 (a computer game) together, and knock knock, 7.40pm, helloo.. here it is!

Lucky! When you pay extra for a faster delivery you'd hope it comes on time esp when tracked (only because if I'd have waited for snail mail it might have coincided quite closely with another fairly important pending date)

So I finally got to do my excited "omg its here" wriggle before opening the parcel

Yes I did it.. I bought a few of the V and Co.'s jelly rolls!

what to do?! ...