Just found this guy through one of the many blogs I follow on google reader
He has a background in architecture, which is awesome from my perspective because I can (sort of) relate being from a CAD/GIS/Mapping/Cartographic background myself, I draw on the logic behind those computer programs when thinking about composition and the end product. It also reminded me to keep working towards a side goal I have of introducing mapping into one of my quilts on a large scale one day.. after I get a few other projects out of the way!  :)

Check out his website HERE

or click on the quilt he made below to learn more about it.

Below is my attempt at a photo inspired quilt I made a good few years ago.
The link to my project page for this is HERE if you want to read more about this!


Hope you are having a great weekend, and all the State side folk are recovering nicely after their Thanksgiving Day!

Take care!