Greenlane Sewing Centre

Just popping in quickly to give a shout out to the place I recently had my two sewing machines serviced at.

If you are in Auckland I would (very) highly recommend going to Paul check out

I'm heading over to pick them up tomorrow, and I'll be getting a tutorial on oiling them, he was able to fit a better quarter inch foot for my Innovis400, in fact it is the same foot but in clip-on that my PQ1500 has so I'm very pleased.

And he also passed on a bit of shop knowledge... if you have your machines serviced by someone (like him) that really takes the machine apart to see if it's really working and clean EVERYTHING, then the servicing will last around 5 years (if you do the minimal maintenance yourself in between) he also said that because of the quality of my PQ1500 that it might even last 8 years.

SO if you are told, or think that your machines need servicing once a year (like I was under the impression of) then start asking questions. Make sure they're not just taking the needle plate off and doing a stock standard oiling and calling it a "servicing" and still charging you the same as a specialist like Paul.