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Merit Certificate

Hi all, 
Just a quick helloo,
My first spoonflower comp has been and gone, and although I didn't place in the top 10 (aaaaw) I did see that they'd picked mine as "Past Contest Picks", not entirely sure what that means and how it got there but a big thanks to spoonflower I think. I found it by reviewing my votes from this weeks entrants, it doesn't seem to show up anywhere else, but yay.. it looks like it will stay there for at least for the next three weeks!

The next competition that I hope to have something ready for is not for another couple of weeks, the theme is Greek Myths, so watch this space, I'll let you know when its time to get the ol voting finger out again.
Take care, Go create something!

Bad Ass Brother

Check Me Out!
World Famous (not only) In New Zealand!

Maddie, the BadAss Queen over at BadAss Quilters Society asked me to write a review for my Sewing Machine. Today she has posted it up on her website for all to see.... (Eeek!)
Anyways, Please go visit her website to have a read .. Click on the Bad Ass image below,  Give her (and me!) a shout out

Here's to many more reviews in the future.. It was crazy hard, but really fun and rewarding
Take care, enjoy the rest of the week, bring on the weekend!

Two bits of news for my second post of the day

Its not often I have a lot of quilty news these days, but while I'm on a roll and before I go sort out dinner, here are the links to two .. get that?! .. TWO projects that I've recently added to my websites project page
They've finally made their way to their new owners so I can safely put it out there on t'internet!
Click on the images below to follow the website links!

Congratulations to the two new sets of parents! 
Take care everyone Have a great weekend

Vote for my Spoonflower Pop Art Chickens ... Please :)

I'm in!
So I was chosen to be in the competition, I didn't see the fine print and saw that not everyone gets in, although they do limit it to 13 pages of entrants!
So if you could kindly click on the image above, you'll head on over to the spoonflower website to enter your vote.. you may need to get a spoonflower account.. and when voting remember to scroll right to the last page of entrants, because only then does your vote get registered, when you click on a little "vote now" sort of button right at the bottom.. they don't make it easy, but they certainly make sure you see everyone's entries, seems fair enough!
Remember, my entry looks like this!

So send me a little love by giving my Pop Art Chickens the big thumbs up over on

Spoonflower Pop Art Chickens

Hi All, 
Just thought I'd let you know in advance that next week I'll be bugging you to head over to Spoonflower to vote for my Pop Art Chicken entry!
What do you think? I'm loving how it turned out.
If it gets a rave review I'll be posting it for sale up on spoonflower too, so watch this space!
Its Monday morning here in the land of the long white cloud (Aotearoa/New Zealand) but the clouds are definately a bit grey looking today. I think it might be time for a cup of tea to start things the right way. 
My NZQuilter magazine also arrived at the end of last week, so I may have to reserve a few minutes to let all the quilty goodness soak in.

Have a great week Take care

Spoonflower power

I finally got the courage up to making my fabric design public, the sample swatches arrived yesterday (yay!) so now I can list them publicly and sell them!
And although they are a fairly simple design, its MY fairly simple design  :)   ~ woop woop ~
follow the link HERE or click on the picture to check out my cool gnomes!

Take care!