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My second spoonflower comp - Greek Monsters

Hi everyone, 
This week is the Greek Myth theme in the Spoonflower weekly competition. 
My entry is all about the monsters (Teras/Terata in greek) Check it out! very happy with how it turned out. My goal is to sneak at least a place better than the 19th (out of 200) that I managed for the last competition I entered.. now that would be awesome!
The voting is open all week so please head on over there and show me some love! Their swatch will show my design repeating over the fat quarter size so look out for it amongst the rest.
Just as a word of warning, you do have to scroll right to the last page of entries to cast your vote (and do remember that there is a "click this button" and a sort of "are you really sure these are your votes, click here again" buttons so don't think you're finished until it says thank you! It just makes it fair for everyone if you're required to look at everyone's entry and not just dismiss them, so it might seem like a pain…

The good, the bad and the fugly

I had a comment over on my BAQS Sewing machine review about the great quality of my stitches on one of my recent quilts.
Now I know the magic of cinema (namely my scrutiny of the photos I'd taken) make it seem like the stitches are flawless but nothing could be further from the truth.
So to encourage you to give the freemotion a go, much like when I revealed my profile pic was very much a product of photoshop, today I'm going to show you some of the pics that were left on the cutting room floor!
Click on any image below to see the bigger version!

And for an extra special treat, the following are my very first freemotion messes when I was using my brother nv400, I was just starting out my freemotion journey! The tension is all over the place and every second one had eyelashes on the back .. but you have to start SOMEWHERE!

The message of the day is "no excuses" If you want to give it a go - do it. If you want to get better at doing it,  do it more
Perfect stitches 100% o…