The book of faces

Hi Everyone!

Yes I am still around! Just!

With the little one in tow, now coming up to 7 months old there has been little to show for my sewing adventures unfortunately.

But with him on my knee and a tablet by my side I've been keeping well up to date with all things on t'internet.

If you are on what I lovingly call "The book of faces" otherwise known as Facebook then pop over to this page and give me a "Like"!

With the Google followers thing virtually dying a slow death after the Google reader went and so many various other "readers" out there I thought I'd stick with the tried and tested Facebook to let everyone know when A) I've done a new project and B) when I've bleated on about something on here!

keep using your other means to follow along! they all work still but come say hi on facebook too!

(by the way, I'm loving feedly although bloglovin does seem popular with many people)

Take care