The Inbox Jaunt Shout-Out

Hi Everyone,

I've been meaning to share this wee gem for a while now, so thought I'd take the opportunity to share the love.

This is a website that when I actually get back into the sewing room I will be taking all the inspiration and creative genius Lori has to offer!

Her site is called "the inbox jaunt"
Either click HERE or the image below to see her awesome freemotion motifs and instructions on how to make them up yourself!

This is EXACTLY what the quilting world needs more of... close up shots.. not fuzzy out of focus far away all over shots (dont get me wrong, the pics of the whole finished quilt are great) but for those of us who want to see exactly how it was made and what the quilting is so I can get me "I can do that" moment then this is the place to go, she has certainly cured my fear of marking.

Cant wait to get into a project, in the mean time I'll be over oggling freemotion patterns at the inbox jaunt if anyone needs me.


  1. Melissa--Thanks for the wonderful "Shout-Out"! I am thrilled that you are enjoying the tutorials! Let me know if you have any questions!

    1. No problem at all Lori, your site is a breath of fresh air, I really did have a "omg finally! this is what I've been waiting for!" moment :) I'll defn be over to your "place" for a visit if my little one gives me some free time hehe .. watch this space!


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