Quick Question

Just wondering,

if I make something like a Quilt, Pot holder, Soft Toy, Christmas Decoration.. etc

and if it is also made using my sewing machine, using as little hand sewing as I can *!*

then am I still able to say it is "HANDMADE"?

I've been saying "homemade" but want to say "handmade" but feel like I'm kinda fibbing.. what are your thoughts?


  1. Could it be - Bespoke, homemade, handmade, and machine quilted? Indicative of the contemporary world we are in where we bring the best of all of it together for a one of a kind piece of art.

  2. That's perfect, we have to put it out there what really goes into these

  3. I think it's all handmade. If asked for details, you say you quilted it on a machine--but you did it, not some factory!It was handmade by you, with your hands. Someone had to operate the machine--it doesn't go by itself :)


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