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Whats that you say? Craftstravaganza! Why yes, yes it is!

So, funny story
My friend sends me a "thought you might be interested in this" type of link.. 
Next thing you know.. pow.. I'm in!
If you are in and around Auckland on Saturday 16th November then come into Mt Wellington and visit me!!

The Modern Quilting Secret Quilt Swap that is almost not a secret anymore

Today I put it in the post! I feel so stealth
Over the past week I've been working on a mini quilt for the Modern Quilting group (Facebook) They organised a quilt swap, this is the first ever quilt swap I've participated in so I was a bit nervous.
But its gone now, its whizzing across the world to its new home! (which is still a secret!)
They did say we were allowed to share our progress as long as we didn't give our recipient away before it turns up in their letterbox, because that's where the fun is!
So here is my secret quilt swap quilt, I really hope they like it!
Check out my website for more info on this wee quilt

Being in NZ we have the Holiday season over Summer, so we have sunshine, beaches, barbeques... here in Auckland we don't get snow at all. So I wanted to try and capture the feeling of the festive season in the more temperate locations around the place, the circles represent Christmas bauble or summery vegetation.
I hope you (and its new owner) like …

Filtec shout out!

Its an exciting day for a quilter (a wannabe quilter at the moment but all the same) when one of your favourite thread manufacturers re-launches their website and it looks AWESOME.

Check them out.. I love their Glide thread for almost everything.. it has the tri-lobal technology, which is what you would see in a hi-vis safety vest .. it means its super shiny.
I also use the Magna-glide pre-wound bobbins this makes it super fuss-free
and there is virtually no lint when using my highspeed Brother pq1500s
I feel like a screaming fan at an Eagles concert but seriously, I love this company
(not getting paid by them btw! just one happy consumer)
And on that note. heres a pic of Don Henley  :)
Have a great day!