Filtec shout out!

Its an exciting day for a quilter (a wannabe quilter at the moment but all the same) when one of your favourite thread manufacturers re-launches their website and it looks AWESOME.

Check them out.. I love their Glide thread for almost everything.. it has the tri-lobal technology, which is what you would see in a hi-vis safety vest .. it means its super shiny.

I also use the Magna-glide pre-wound bobbins this makes it super fuss-free

and there is virtually no lint when using my highspeed Brother pq1500s

I feel like a screaming fan at an Eagles concert but seriously, I love this company

(not getting paid by them btw! just one happy consumer)

And on that note. heres a pic of Don Henley  :)

Have a great day!


  1. Wow! When did Don Henley look like *that*?! Cute! Gotta try that thread! Wish they sold it locally. Something else I need a color card for! :)

    1. I know! v. cute, just wish they would to their one last tour down in NZ, dont think that will happen though ;) a girl can dream


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