Whats that you say? Craftstravaganza! Why yes, yes it is!

So, funny story

My friend sends me a "thought you might be interested in this" type of link.. 

Next thing you know.. pow.. I'm in!

If you are in and around Auckland on Saturday 16th November then come into Mt Wellington and visit me!!

Its been a long time since my market days in Royal Oak, I've got a couple of pictures below of the type of thing you'll see on my table. Eeek.. got my nervous pants on today, but *yay* I'm really excited to get back into this sort of thing. 

My little guy is nearly 10 months old (no .. way.. ) and is giving me 5 minutes here and there so I'm hoping this might be an ongoing thing, well at least the back into sewing thing anyways!! 

Anywho, enough about me, come and say Hi! I'd love to see you there!