Auckland Festival of Quilts 2013 - Done!

On Sunday I went to see the Auckland Festival of Quilts put on by the lovely ladies at the Auckland Patchwork and Quilters Guild.

I was lucky to have my husband, son, mum and dad with me this year, so it was a big trip, seeing as it is on the other side of Auckland!

I was lucky enough to see closeup the work of a Facebook friend, Jo Hollings.. its a small world after all
My mum works with her husband, she's a professional long arm quilter! How cool of a job is that!

Here is her quilt she made to raise awareness for the Mobility Dogs cause. My pics don't do it justice, click on them to make them a little bigger.

And a mandatory selfie with it, .. of course!

These two were in a special exhibition room, they had to use certain fabrics, these ones appear to use the "kiwiana" fabric range, they are beautiful designs showcasing NZ motifs, flora, fauna and native culture.. its often hard to let the fabric speak for itself, this word diagram was really well made, and incorporates our common phrases in it too.

And this one is awesome just because its a map.. can you see it? its a map of New Zealand.. okay so the mapper in me is more excited than you, I can handle that ;)  hehe.. 

Now would you believe it.. George came to visit. Have I told you I have an obsession with long arm quilting machines? no, well, in NZ we have Nolting, when I win Lotto the plan was to get one.. they were what I thought was the only option, given its calibre, in long arm machines in NZ. But it seems that since about July, APQS has stepped into the mix, now there's more learning and research to do, oh no.. don't worry, it is just a pipe dream, I'm entirely happy with my set up, but in a perfect world where money didn't matter, I'd be a kid in a candy store having a look at one of these babies.

Here is me having a play on George, Millie was also visiting, she was off on the right there, and (I think it was) Lucey over there on the left where you can see her behind me. 

Here are a few pics of the quilt I chose for the Viewers Choice vote, hopefully the photos again show how awesome this one was. Click on the pics to see the bigger version.

So, it turns out, Jo Hollings quilted this for a customer! What good taste in quilting I have ;) hehe
But seriously, look at this quilting. She works on a Nolting machine. Beautiful work.

A great day all in all, can't wait til next year!

Take care all, have a safe week ahead.