My momma's iBop case

I finished this wee gem a little while ago now, but wanted to share it with you while I have the photos at hand!

It is a quilted case for my Mum's iPad (and detachable keyboard)

I used some super awesome pansies, my Nan always loved them and always had them in her garden.

I bound it all in a red bias binding (this is a BIG thing for me) so I could get around that curved part.

and to top it off I added a dividing panel to protect the keyboard and Ipad screen, a lined zipper pocket for the colour coordinated ear phones, and an elastic band to keep it all closed up nicely.

I didn't have a pattern for it, so I had to borrow the hardware for a weekend!
But I'm super pleased with how it came out.

Enjoy the piccies!

Take care!