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Progress report: Eddie

Hi all, this is a picture laiden post for your viewing pleasure.. this is the quilt for my husband, it will be a wall hanging, and is progressing slowly.. here are a few pics to show you where I'm up to.. much much more to go!

Quilters that inspire me: Wendy from Ivory Spring

The next quilter I want to share with you is a no-brainer. Wendy is one of the reasons I got the "I can do this" feeling about freemotion quilting. She's a rockstar in my world and I hope by sharing her website here I can spread her awesome talent just a little bit further out there.

Quilted Thoughts: Making time

Here in New Zealand its settling very quickly into winter, and although I'm higher up the country and don't get snow, I'm still very susceptible to the cold morning humph.

Quilters that inspire me: Connie from 'Freemotion by the River'

I'd like to share with you a quilter, that when I read my through my blog list on Feedly, I simply cannot wait to pop up. Connie's work is a joy to see, and not only does she do freemotion, applique and perfect piecing but she writes patterns for quilts and other projects.

Quilted thoughts: I'm not Modern, but I'm not Traditional either

Eep, I totally forgot it was Friday today, so my second ever "Quilted Thoughts" write-up, at least for the NZ peeps, is going to press a little later than intended!

Machine maintenance tips

This is a you tube channel I'm going to be spending a bit of time on.

Maps and Quilts - Two of my most favourite things

So... if there's anything about my past professional life (in the before baby tense) you need to know, is that, in short.. I made maps.. digital ones, using GIS software (geographic information systems.. databases that held map features and information about them) And although I have an unhealthy addiction to cleaning spreadsheets and tables, my favourite part is making the map look "pretty". I love to understand what makes a map aesthetically pleasing as well as figuring out what makes them into a super tool for conveying spatial information in a way that almost all people can easily recognise and appreciate. Here are a few of my map creations:

Quilters that inspire me: Marjorie's Busy Corner

For as long as I find them, I want to spend some time sharing with you the amazing quilters out on the world wide web that inspire me every day. For my first instalment I want you all to head over to say Hi to Marjorie from "Marjorie's Busy Corner".

Quilted Thoughts: Pressing seams to the side.. or not

So, it's taken me a good half and hour the settle on the name of my new weekly instalment. Welcome to my new "Quilted Thoughts" I want to use this for us to all talk openly about various quilting topics. I want to get quite specific and understand why it is we do things the way we do them.

New resolutions from a new laptop

Is there such a thing as a almost-mid-way-through-the-year resolution? if so I'm making one. I have been lucky enough to be the new owner of my mums old (but really not old AT ALL) laptop/notebook. Its very pretty and I've just calibrated the colours, and the first thing I wanted to do was come here and say hi to everyone, while sitting having a cup of tea, sitting on the couch, watching Dexter. Jimmy is taking a nap, probably not for much longer, but if, okay redo.. I am going to be posting more on here, that is my new resolution. 
My goal is to fake-it-till-I-make-it, the theory is, I'm not a blogger till I actually start blogging!  So, with that, this is the start of off loading my brain for all you lovely people to see, my first point of action is to write a list of topics I will have a chat about..  With my analyst of a brain I have, my chats are going to get down to the nuts and bolts of the issues about quilting/sewing/craft that I love and/or drive me crazy. Hopef…

Trooper Progress

So happy to be able to share this one as-it-happens.. albeit slowly :)
I managed to take the plunge and start the quilting on this one as you know, so over the next wee while I'll be giving you progress reports on how things are developing.

Psyching myself up

I'm almost in the *I've left it too late* category but I'm going to try and finish my next quilt on time anyways! (or damn near die trying!) .. its going to have a bit of a metal music theme to it, and its mostly going to be freemotion, so over the next couple of days I want to try and get the main lines quilted to anchor the whole thing down. then I can see where the rest takes me.
Here is some prep, its not the actual design (at all) but it has the types of shapes of areas I'll be trying to fill with medium sized fillers.. its a man quilt so there will be very little in the way of feathers and loop de loos.. I'm wanting some very clear fluid lines, but I'm working on an almost all black background, the thread will be Glide trilobal, in a couple of shades of grey so I can build up a bit of interest that way.
Here is my squiggles I've made to get me into the groove. (click on it to get the larger version)

Take care :) Have a great week

New Blog Design

Hey everyone, I've been learning/re-learning/extending my knowledge of some basic HTML (website code language) and have cleaned up the top of my blog, its still a work in progress so you might see some things shuffle a little still, but throw me some thoughts below if you like the way its heading, or have any suggestions on what you want to see more of?!
Have a great weekend!