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Trooper Progress

So happy to be able to share this one as-it-happens.. albeit slowly :)
I managed to take the plunge and start the quilting on this one as you know, so over the next wee while I'll be giving you progress reports on how things are developing.

Psyching myself up

I'm almost in the *I've left it too late* category but I'm going to try and finish my next quilt on time anyways! (or damn near die trying!) .. its going to have a bit of a metal music theme to it, and its mostly going to be freemotion, so over the next couple of days I want to try and get the main lines quilted to anchor the whole thing down. then I can see where the rest takes me.
Here is some prep, its not the actual design (at all) but it has the types of shapes of areas I'll be trying to fill with medium sized fillers.. its a man quilt so there will be very little in the way of feathers and loop de loos.. I'm wanting some very clear fluid lines, but I'm working on an almost all black background, the thread will be Glide trilobal, in a couple of shades of grey so I can build up a bit of interest that way.
Here is my squiggles I've made to get me into the groove. (click on it to get the larger version)

Take care :) Have a great week