Trooper Progress

So happy to be able to share this one as-it-happens.. albeit slowly :)

I managed to take the plunge and start the quilting on this one as you know, so over the next wee while I'll be giving you progress reports on how things are developing.

I have a picture in my head about how this one will turn out.. it involves many steps/layers/various applications and maybe even a bit of painting with pencils, but we shall see!

This is Eddie, he's the Iron Maiden character.. on this album cover he's "The Trooper" I love the lyrics, they make you think. This happens to be fairly good (if good is the word) timing as it is ANZAC day here in NZ (and Australia) it stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.. the day commemorates the Aus and NZ Men and Women who served during World War I especially the landing at Gallipolli.

So this quilt, although originally planned and executed with my husband in mind (as this is his fav) it, at least for today, has a secondary meaning.

So take a minute to reflect on the lyrics today, and tomorrow I get the guts to do some more sewing after I oiled my machine by myself for the first time in my life! yep I did it! amazed myself.. now just need to do my other one and I'm sorted for this time round, I even put a reminder in calendar so I can take care of my investments! I want to make sure they last me a lifetime.

So here a couple of extra photos, the panel with Eddie on it was the best quality image off the internet I could find of the cd cover, I then got it printed at Spoonflower, added borders, so apart from that its essentially a wholecloth quilt. I'm still thinking about what to do with a great deal of the space but its coming along nicely and I'm really pleased.

(click on the images below to see the larger versions)

Take Care, and have a great weekend


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