Maps and Quilts - Two of my most favourite things

 So... if there's anything about my past professional life (in the before baby tense) you need to know, is that, in short.. I made maps.. digital ones, using GIS software (geographic information systems.. databases that held map features and information about them)
And although I have an unhealthy addiction to cleaning spreadsheets and tables, my favourite part is making the map look "pretty". I love to understand what makes a map aesthetically pleasing as well as figuring out what makes them into a super tool for conveying spatial information in a way that almost all people can easily recognise and appreciate.
Here are a few of my map creations:

So back to the topic of Quilting...
I wanted to share with you some of the amazing quilts I've found out there on the web that are beautiful examples of cartography executed in fabric.
Please take the time to visit the links to go to their websites.
When I get around to designing my own Map Quilt I know that I have a world of inspiration waiting for me. For now, while I'm chasing my little guy around the living room, I'll settle for surfing the web for more quilty and mappy goodness.

Take care! Have a great week ahead


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    1. its a tough choice for me between maps and quilts :) so I'm a very happy camper to see the two together!


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