Quilted thoughts: I'm not Modern, but I'm not Traditional either

Eep, I totally forgot it was Friday today, so my second ever "Quilted Thoughts" write-up, at least for the NZ peeps, is going to press a little later than intended!

As you know I'm an avid Facebook-er and I'm on a couple of quilting pages, and unfortunately, some members on the "Modern" page are (from my observations) becoming increasingly afraid to post their projects for fear the pictures being taken down for not being "Modern enough" . 

Now, I'm of the school of "if you don't like whats on the tv then change the channel" ie don't keep watching something you're not enjoying. So with my passion and emotions overflowing with frustration at the conflicting opinions, my thoughts for today are around my own quilting style rather getting emotionally involved in the good (but misguided) intentions of the admin in the group for fear I might press the "Leave Group" button.

But the more I thought about trying to define myself I came across my own internal barriers to this train of thought. In general I have an opposition to classifying myself into social cubby-holes, which is interesting considering I've made my career out mapping social statistics.

So I think my sensitivity comes from being happy not being classified into a quilting genre, I just quilt.. and whatever comes out of that is, well, a quilt.

I adhere to the - Quilt should be three layers - but I'm also quite adamant that quilts and quilting are very different words, many things other than quilts can be quilted etc.

The weird thing is, that although I've been quilting since about 2004/5 and have made a few quilts along the way, I still feel like I am a newbie, so who am I to even begin to describe my quilting style, and being that I'm not making competition quilts, in short, I'm not putting them out there to be judged by professionals, am I doomed to live in quilting limbo as a home crafter who sometimes makes quilts.. the bigger question is "Is that what I want to be"

So for fear of digging my deep n meaningful hole of a conversation any deeper, I'm going to try a new classification term on for size .. "Contemporary" .. not modern, not traditional.. a kind of "I do whatever I want but copy everyone else's styles" kind of cubby-hole.

I figure that almost nothing is new anymore, especially in quilting. The innovation comes with new ways in which we use and arrange the traditional designs and methods. As quilters, as artists, we take what we observe and experience and turn it into awesome textile arrangements.

And I guess that's the inherent message in my take on the Modern or Not debate is that there is so many more ways to classify quilts than just these two. Modern is only classified by what it means today. There are some wonderful examples of what is considered Modern, and with the range and breadth of quilters out there willing to give "modern" a go, I'd love for there to be a place for projects that had even a small element of modern to be shown off, not just a completely modern quilt. I'd love to see what 'Modern' quilts will look like in a year or two from now.

All quilts are perfect... and that is enough!

http://www.millybeequilting.co.nz/Projects/armagh  http://www.millybeequilting.co.nz/Projects/cancer-quilt  http://www.millybeequilting.co.nz/Projects/Gaia
http://www.millybeequilting.co.nz/Projects/happy-holidays  http://www.millybeequilting.co.nz/Projects/fairies-in-my-garden  http://www.millybeequilting.co.nz/Projects/self-portrait


  1. very good Mel!! I agree with you about these 'picky' little titles!! we all just do our thing and learn along the way.

    1. Thanks Marjorie :) yep, I'm glad someone else can appreciate my take on things.. I love quilts. A full stop is the only qualifier I need in that sentence

  2. update : I went back to the modern quilting facebook page with an open mind, the first post i read had the Admin explaining that a post was removed after someone replied in an unconstructive way after their post was removed because that Admin person thought Kaffe Fassett wasn't modern.. "In MY opinion they're not" ... so .. In MY opinion.. I don't need to be a member of that page anymore.. I probably would've replied unconstructively also..


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