Quilted Thoughts: Making time

Here in New Zealand its settling very quickly into winter, and although I'm higher up the country and don't get snow, I'm still very susceptible to the cold morning humph.

Now I'm the first to admit I'll use almost any excuse to get out doing the [insert household chore here] but this coming week's resolution will be to turn that frame of mind around and get the cleaning up out of the way so that when I do sit down to [insert something creative] I don't have a niggle of guilt.

And the last thing I need over the coming cooler months is another reason to sit in my pyjamas until midday (although I can't promise this wont happen once or twice!)

And its funny, that even with all my current procrastinating on my list of things to do that my time isn't taken up with the things I'd like to do had they all been done. 

I guess what I'm trying to get out is that if I can be a more proactive in the way I approach the day I might fit in more instead of feeling like the days have already been spent by the time I get to make a cuppa tea.

So for motivation I'll leave you with the reason I get up on the cold mornings (and sometimes 2am)

Take care, have a great weekend, and remember to make the time so you can take the time.


  1. Yep, guilty of procrastination here too! I like your reason for having to get up... but I'm also very glad I don't have that particular reason now days... well ... when we have Miss Keera I have to get up. *sigh*

    1. yeah, I need to change the way I react to everyday things around the house.. get them done and out of the way.. #fakeittillimakeit hehe


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