Quilters that inspire me: Connie from 'Freemotion by the River'

I'd like to share with you a quilter, that when I read my through my blog list on Feedly, I simply cannot wait to pop up. Connie's work is a joy to see, and not only does she do freemotion, applique and perfect piecing but she writes patterns for quilts and other projects.

Please have a look at her wonderful work here:
Her wonderful blog inspiration certainly doesn't end there. I'm sure we've all looked at a blog and wondered how to set something up, Connie has a whole page dedicated to sharing tips for setting up our blogs. I can't say enough how warm and fuzzy it makes me feel that there are bloggers (quilting bloggers no less!) that are willing to freely share their knowledge to build and grow the potential of others around them.
Oh and did I mention she lives on a river? Her blog title may have given that away, but how cool is that! I love seeing her lovely photos just so I can imagine I'm there sitting on the deck watching the water go by.
Go and wrap Connie in a big ol' quilt of blog fuzzies, make a cup of something warm and settle into her lovely little corner of the interweb
Take care, have a great week ahead!


  1. Connie certainly is a delight!! I've followed her blog since I started blogging...this is so very nice of you Mel!!

    1. She so is! I love sharing all the cool people I see out there, otherwise they only live on my feedly list

  2. I will pop over and check out her blog..... thanks for the link. Have a wonderful weekend Chick.

    1. No problem Chris, she's worth the visit. You too :) :)


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