Quilters that inspire me: Marjorie's Busy Corner

For as long as I find them, I want to spend some time sharing with you the amazing quilters out on the world wide web that inspire me every day.
For my first instalment I want you all to head over to say Hi to Marjorie from "Marjorie's Busy Corner".

This is one of the first blogs I found when I started online, and its the one I've stuck with throughout. Although we've never met, the way she writes makes you think you've been friends forever.
She is both a machine and a hand quilter and is always sharing the wonderful projects she makes as well as the ones she works on for others. She's been very supportive of my blog over the years and I'd love to show her how much I love following her by giving her a big quilty shout out.
I hope you get as much out of Marjorie's blog as I have! Go make a cuppa tea or coffee and spend some time with her! Have a great week ahead.
Take care!


  1. hi Mel...thank you so much for this recognitions,,,, I was totally surprised and delighted!!
    I love your blog too. so nice seeing my name and poppy quilt on your post. You're so sweet!!

  2. She is one of my best friends and she is a remarkable person. Very funny and I love to get together with her and work on projects. Marjorie and i became best friends when I invited her to go on a bus trip a few years back to Pensylvania and we had the best time. She does beautiful work and she got me into blogging also which I love.

  3. Oh Marla that's such a wonderful story! I'm so pleased to hear from someone who knows her in real life, for now I'll just have to imagine myself on your quilty bus trips from here in New Zealand. Its just the best thing when you find someone creative that gives you inspiration! I'm off to make a cuppa tea and come over to visit your blog :)


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