Quilters that inspire me: Wendy from Ivory Spring

The next quilter I want to share with you is a no-brainer. Wendy is one of the reasons I got the "I can do this" feeling about freemotion quilting. She's a rockstar in my world and I hope by sharing her website here I can spread her awesome talent just a little bit further out there.

Wendy gets featured in a lot of magazines, her work is very professional looking, but (but is not the right word here) she is such a down to earth person and have had several communications with her over the years, just to say hi, and ask her questions. She has some awesome tutorials on her site. Have I told you how in love I am with people who share "real" photos of their work. 

Quilting is built on a "I'm pretty sure I can do that" feeling, but if we aren't able to get all up-close-n-personal with a quilt because say, I'm in NZ and they're in the U.S of A then most of the time we'd be stopped in our tracks right there. BUT Wendy not only provides awesome photographs (she must have a professional photographer I swear!! heh) but she also writes tutorials for most of her designs.

Please go and have a look at Wendy's work, I promise you'll spend more than a couple of minutes there!


I'm going to start adding a little disclaimer to these posts as I am using images from their blogs, but I'm hoping with all the back links I'm adding the impact of "stealing" an image will have little impact to the overall effect of sharing the love of quilting.

*If you are the featured quilter and have any objection to the use of images please let me know here*


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