I used to worry a lot

If you've followed my blog for a while or read some of  my previous posts, you'll have noticed I'm a little bit of an Eagles fan.. just a wee bit. I often use a picture of Timothy B. Schmidt to distract you all from the fact I don't have any interesting quilting projects to show you at the moment.

You may have also noticed that I've not posted regularly for a long time, real life comes along sometimes and sweeps you off your feet. Looking after my (now) two year old has left little time and space for actual quilting, but this year my goal is to make two lap quilts as secret gifts, and to finish my husbands Iron Maiden quilt. Here's hoping!

I picked this song (The Long Run, by the Eagles) below for a couple of reasons. Firstly because it reminds me to not worry so much, to treat myself better. 

What made me think of this though was quite simply.. you. 

I don't often update my website these days as I'm not adding new "finished" projects to my page. But for some reason I thought I'd have a click around and went on to my "About Me" page and found about 4 or 5 new comments in my guestbook. Floored, humbled, I had come to assume that when I write my posts that the only person who reads them is my mum (Hi Mum!).

Since my article for Maddie over at Badass Quilters Society came out I've found a lovely little community of Brother PQ1500 users who have just made my day. It is just what I needed after recently leaving the facebook group for PQ1500s/Babylock Jane users, I had apparently tried to empress that using the machine as described in the manual actually works, and that the reason certain peripheral items are suggested for certain uses is usually to prolong the life of your machine or at the very least to not break needles unnecessarily. After a fairly clear but indirect "shut up you're wrong, I've used inferior needles and haven't had a problem so I'm going to tell all these newbies it's okay" from one of the admins I had a "I don't need this shit" moment and opted out. 

I'd like to share with you a few quotes from the amazing entries in my guestbook that I found last night, they have filled up my glass again and I'm more and more confident that what I (try to) talk about on here with you is received in a warm and fuzzy but positively creatively critical way.

Patricia - ... "Thank You so much for all you do to inspire all of us who have viewed your website and blog. It is much appreciated!"

Sheila - ..."I may need some advice from time to time so consider me your pest in the making lol. I think your page is wonderful and your work is beautiful. Happy days ahead quilting."

THANK YOU! You are awesome, keep being awesome!

Come and visit me on either my facebook page or write to me through my contact link if you want a reply from me, would love for you to say hi!

I'll leave you with "The Long Run" by my besties, The Eagles

Take it easy!