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A Finish! OMGoodness don't faint

Yes it happened, I finished a quilt! I love it so much on so many levels
It was made for my baby sister who turned 21 today! Love her to pieces.
I did a couple of borders on this one which is kinda new for me, and being a smaller art quilt I was able to manage it nicely in my domestic straight stitch machine.
It is a raw edge fused then stitched piece. The setting is a photo from my sister's facebook, a skiing holiday to Wanaka here in NZ. The quilting I've done in the borders are quite special to me, it is one of those moments in your journey as a quilter when you step up to the next level. I am one of those people who gets stalled by the feeling that I'm not going to get it perfect so I'd better not try it at all. I've been looking at the wonderful quilting of some of the wonderful people out there, blogs, websites and facebook pages, not to mention pinterest, oh my goodness.. do not let me on there, pinterest sucks the minutes out of your day like a black hole!